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    CES 2012: BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet OS 2.0 Video Walkthrough

    CES 2012 is in full effect in Las Vegas and BlackBerry is making their presence felt. With the big announcements yesterday of BlackBerry 7.1, and BBM 6.1; the preview of the BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet OS 2.0 was the next thing on the agenda for BlackBerry. Today Inside BlackBerry has posted a new video highlighting these great features.

    The messages app has a great look and seems pretty easy to use. It brings something new and fresh while at the same time having the BlackBerry email reliability that we're all use to. The fact that it's integrated with social media just makes it that much cooler. Same can be said for the calendar and contacts apps as well. The tight integration between apps is something we've seen more and more in our BlackBerry smartphones but that has been missing from our PlayBooks. This is apparently being addressed in 2.0.

    I've been called a BlackBerry fanboy because I get excited about the smallest little new features that others may not think are so great, but honestly this is pretty awesome. Yes, these are features that should've been implemented on the PlayBook since the beginning but can we please let that go and focus on what is here now?

    Now it's RIM's time to make sure this OS gets polished and shipped out in time to inject a little credibility in the time frame they've put out for their future devices and products. Keep the momentum going RIM.
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    I've been called a BlackBerry fanboy because I get excited about the smallest little new features that others may not think are so great" sooooooooooooooo true my friend, so true. Feel the same way.
    Can't wait for the release.
    This looks too good to be true. This is how an OS should be, complete and well though off.
    Just missing 3G but now Im being picky.
    He does need to charge
    Man that guy at CB had a scoop :P When do we have these? Who can I interview?
    BTW, Id love to work for RIM and anybody know when it's going to be rolled out?
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    That is awesome, this is exactly what RIM needs to give us PlayBook owners...better late, than never.

    I'm so excited !!

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