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    6 Tips To Improve Your PlayBook Browsing Experience

    One of the best features of the BlackBerry PlayBook is the internet browsing experience. For the longest time Flash was not an option on mobile devices, and it was a bit cumbersome to navigate around the internet browser. The PlayBook has set a new bar in the world of mobile internet browsing. I am always looking for new tips on how to get the most out of my PlayBook. So today I thought I would share with you some PlayBook browser tips.

    1.Double tap to zoom in and out while browsing the Web

    If your viewing a web page like the one above, and want to quickly zoom in quickly. Just Double tap a white section of the page to zoom in. You can alway pinch and zoom, but double tapping quicky zooms to more accurate sections of the web page that you want to see. The end results should look something like the picture below.

    2. Double tap to make Adobe Flash objects full screen

    Double tapping also can be done in to Flash Objects. Double tapping the Flash Object a web page like the one in the above picture will bring the Flash Object in to full screen mode. This can be seen in the picture below. To exit full screen mode simply drag the top frame down.

    3. Open Link in a New Tab

    I love this tip because there are so many times where I want to check something out, but I am not done reading the current page. So by pressing and holding down on the link I want to open I can bring up a new navigation menu, and open the link in to a new tab. The image below shows the menu.

    4. Press and hold .com for more options

    This is actually a really neat option that allows for quick access to website extensions.

    5. Enable Private Browsing

    Want that extra security when browsing? Enable private browsing. Normally when you browse the your cookies, cached files, and history are stored for later reference by web sites. When private browsing is enabled those items are only stored temporarily. When you exit the browser those items are deleted. To enable private browsing, access the security menu using the browsers options menu. The picture below shows private browsing enabled.

    If you want to make sure that you are privately browsing just take a look on the right side of the browser it will display the work " private".

    6. Tabbed Browsing

    Tabbed browsing is a huge plus for me. One of the cool things that you can do with tabbed browsing is play multimedia while another tab is opened. So if you want to listen to music while you browse another web page simply open a music site like Pandora, and then open another tab to continue browsing without interrupting your current tab playing music.

    I hope you enjoyed these tips. If you have any tips for the PlayBook browser please share them here.
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