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    Android App Player

    With the recent exciting news regarding a leaked Android App Player , I just had to get my hands on it. I expected to be greeted with really grainy and buggy experience, but I was pleasantly surprised to see how smooth some things were.

    So my experience started off with a rather long wait until the program loaded. I expected this as its a pre-release, and who knows what could go wrong. After that I was presented with an option to select what I would like to be my default home screen. I choose the option to view all applications. I thought this was a nice feature as you aren't locked into a particular home screen.

    I was then met by the following screen:

    Android App Player-homescreen.jpg

    Here you can see it list you installed application. Interestingly it would not go into portrait mode on this screen.

    Navigation definitely takes some time to get used to, and is completely controlled by the bezel. Swiping away from you will move back, and as with most of the other apps on the playbook you can see extended options within application by performing the down swipe on the top bezel.

    From what I noticed may of the apps are still a work in progress, and do not work. However one app I was surprised to see work right out of the gate was the browser, and its actually a pleasant experience.

    Android App Player-browser.jpg

    I did a little more digging around, and was able to check the version info as well as go into the configuration settings.

    Android App Player-version.jpg

    In all its just a beta, but its solid proof that we can expect good things to come.

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