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    Quote Originally Posted by mmcpher View Post
    I have come to expect complete inanity from the tech press and the fanboys, but its surprising to see it spread to a forum like this, where you would expect instead, to see a more sophisticated consideration of this initial release. Go back into the distant past and read the tepid reviews for the miraculous Ipad, and all of the skepticism about its future. Or further still, to the trend/oddity of the Kindle. Who needs an "E" to read anyway -- I can see no future for such things.

    Now comes the Playbook, a radically different device for RIM, with a ground-up, entirely new OS and no backlog of apps (admittedly not RIM's strongest suite anyway). If you read between the reviewers' lines and correct for hysterical, antihype-driven hyperbole, there has been a general, if begrudging, acknowledgement that the device and the OS are very impressive. And from a few units of times putting the thing through its paces confirms that it appears to be an exceptionally robust platform upon which to build. And its RIM we're dealing with, not a company to lightly embark on new products or quickly replace and forget "old" ones. They are a long-haul, far-sighted company competing in a segment that is anything but, and reported on, in many cases, by expert knee-jerk, sycophants.

    Yes, at launch the Playbook is not fully realized or even fully functional. But you can see how well, how quickly and how powerfully the hardware and QNX respond, and how this true 'multitasking' idea just might have some merit. Most of the available apps are little better than betas, but even so, they provide a strong indication of the road ahead. This, I think, is partially what was behind the falling-all-over-each-other to pronounce the Playbook "DOA" (where did we hear that before?). RIM and the Playbook may just turn out to be a real rival, which warrants the concerted effort to root for a stillbirth.

    As it stands, it already provides a quantum leap forward for mobile browsing, document and spreadsheet viewing, editing and creation, and the integration of useful multi-media. There are at least 5 competing OS's vying for developers' attention and resources, so how was this ever going to hit the ground running at full speed? It is a neat trick for a lead-off hitter to start a game with a Grand Slam, yet that seems to be the minimal standard by which some reviewers were judging the Playbook.

    RIM has to be on its game and accelerate its efforts, push itself well wide of its comfort zone. In that sense, in addition to my being happy to have such a useful, if imperfect, device now, I am encouraged by RIM's decision to go ahead and launch, in advance to having the thing completely buttoned down. This is the new paradigm. Release and upgrade on the fly. Why carp, when the updates come rolling out? They occur wirelessly now, and bring fixes and added capabilities. Bring them on!

    I would hope to see the obvious suspects addressed asap however:

    - native email, txt and BBM;
    - better BB Bridge uniformity with handheld operations;
    - universal search
    - more consistent swipe-functionality, so that every app and every screen is subject to the same uniform commands (on that front, the UI design seems very good, not only easy to use, but easy to recall, even without the Playbook in your hands);
    - GPS apps

    I considered and tested the android tablet devices that were recently released. If you compare the Playbook to those, at least to my mind, it comes off well -- comprable-to-superior specs, and for all the glitches and holes, the OS, the apps and the UI seem more intelligently designed, and easier to get the hang of.
    Finally someone who know what they are talking about, not a mindless brand zombie who will just rant on about the short comings of a device.

    I went to buy a playbook and in that line I saw may apple trolls who waited 15 to 30 so they could look at it first and talk nonsense. From the specs to all the rest of things that playbook offers I believe it has potential. The tablet itlsef is just bare bone right now. RIM has announced in 2 months or so they will update it and will put in native email,calender and other crucial applications. I for one would love to see a BBM on a playbook. Or a small text messaging program.

    Also keep in mind that they are working to get android apps in the playbook. That would mean a whole new door of opportunities will arise. The playbook will certainly make me replace my laptop. Instead of hauling a bag of laptop I could use the simple tablet.

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    I'm one of those waiting for the 4G version to come out. Until then, I have my brother to thank as I have been messing with his PlayBook when he comes over to visit.

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