Rumors have been swirling for months that RIM would finally be releasing their BlackBerry PlayBook in April 2011. Well, if rumors aren't enough proof for you, here are a couple of pictures of what we hope is actual proof!

This first image is what is allegedly a document from Sears in Canada announcing that through a Sears affiliate program, customers can no begin pre-ordering their PlayBooks. If you look carefully you'll notice that there is no price set for the product but we anticipate that we'll be hearing more about the price in the upcoming week. We'll keep our eyes peeled. Moving on!

What you're seeing above is a shot taken from Staples training documents and it looks like they will be releasing their PlayBook a few days later, with a demo PlayBook at the stores on 4/17, thus the reason for that date.

We're getting closer! Are you excited?

- Avonlea