Already going on this week, we wrote about some BlackBerry PlayBook tablet applications being demoed by TAT at MWC 2011. Both the Scrapbook app demo and BB WebWorks videos showed us some of the great features of the BlackBerry PlayBook platform for providing a rich application experience. Today we bring you some more juicy 3D visuals that will amaze any skeptic that thinks the PlayBook is not up with the competition.

Inside BlackBerry tells us a bit about the video demo:

The above concept demo, which shows a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet outputting stereoscopic 3D visuals, demonstrates many of the hardware features of the tablet: 1080P HD visual, micro HDMI output, and multi-touch support. It’s also really cool to look at, whether you’re wearing 3D glasses or not! Check it out and let us know what you think of the possibilities of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.