When the PlayBook was first announced RIM released a statement stating that it would be headed to the Sprint network and at the time, only the Sprint network. Anxious consumers and critics alike wondered if Sprint would be the only carrier to showcase the tablet.

It looks like Verizon will in fact be getting its hands on the 4G PlayBook. Not long ago, RIMarkable announced that it had come across a particular website that allowed users to register for private beta testing of the 4G PlayBook on Verizon. That beta testing has since closed, but I must say, it was a well kept secret. It's a good sign that Verizon will be getting the PlayBook.

Click here to check out the Verizon PlayBook Beta Page for yourself before it gets taken down.

This is either a good sign that Verizon will be getting the PlayBook or the fact that it was such a well-kept secret might be a sign that things just didn't pan out.

What do you think?

- Avonlea