The 2011 Consumer Electronics Show had a lot of company displays, but none as cool as The World of BlackBerry display. Much of the buzz around the CES show was over RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Check out this video of RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook in use at the 2011 CES:

The purpose behind the CES show is not only to debut brand new and cutting edge technology but it's also to convince retail buyers to purchase thousands of units to sell at their retail stores. Having a notable presence at CES is practically fundamental for success in the technology world.

"The Blackberry Tablet is [the size of] a giant postcard of 5 by 7, and because of its gaming, multimedia and video conferencing capabilties. I've stated that Apple's iPad would be the preferred device for kids because of its larger size. But BlackBerry's aim is the business market, where it already has a significant foothold with its smartphones. From that perspective, it appears to be on to something."
One of the PlayBook's biggest advances over the Apple iPad is simply its use of Adobe Flash. Flash allows the PlayBook to really have an edge in gaming and multimedia over Apple that quite frankly, the iPad just doesn't have.

Consumers and media reporters alike were heavily impressed with the PlayBook because of its operating system, multimedia capabilities, size. So! In honor of BlackBerry's PlayBook March release date, what are your thoughts on it and will you be one of the first to purchase it?

- Avonlea