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    Playbook App World Open to Developer Submissions

    Application developers around the world can be heard cheering today as RIM opens up its "vendor portal" to allow game and application developers the opportunity to submit apps. Because the BlackBerry Playbook uses Adobe AIR technology (a recent update to the software now supports Flash Builder 4.5 (Burrito/Flex Mobile) developers are seeing almost endless creative opportunities and by the sounds of it, Playbook users are sure to be impressed.

    Here's what developer, Jerome Carty, President of JCS Systems Inc. has to say:
    “Developing for the PlayBook has been a pleasurable experience. The APIs are straightforward and optimized for the device and the environment is cross-platform. The thing that impresses me the most is the potential for the hardware. The gestures for the PlayBook make the device feel as though you have unlimited surface area since they extend beyond the screen to the bezel. This will make for a fun and unique experience for developers and end-users.”
    • It's great news for app developers and fans of the Playbook alike because unlike Apple's iPad, the BlackBerry playbook has Adobe software which allows for unique gaming and development experiences.
    • It's also great news for developers because they are entered into a competition to win a free Playbook. So, if you're an application developer, get going! If you're not, this competition breeding ground for state-of-the-art applications will surely make your application experience far better.

    Thanks to RIM's good move in bringing Adobe on board, it's safe to ask: Who's behind now, Apple?
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