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    Playbooks needing Update 2.0.1.xxxx or above missing BlackBerry ID

    Needing to correct 8 playbooks in bad current shape...
    First off.. none have the MINI USB port functional... so Blackberry Desktop will not be a solution
    All batteries being used are 95% + , fully charged...
    Current update version is or installed in them
    All of these units... are functional... with their current updates versions...
    NONE OF THESE UNITS HAVE Blackberry ID's set up... and no matter in what fashion or way instructed.. they will not wipe the op sys allowing me to create a new blackberry ID
    I am not missing Blackberry ID passwords... Blackberry ID has not been set up...
    In the ABOUT TABS - GENERAL section where the top line says Blackberry Id... IT IS BLANK....
    In the many instructions which detail the wi fi will find the new update... when going to "SOFTWARE UPDATES"
    The Wi Fi works perfectly... can connect to any site through the browser quickly and completely...
    The issue is clearly.. not having the BlackBerry ID installed is keeping me from accessing the Update Server.
    Tried EVERY possible configuration to wipe the OS... if it is suggested or listed in any of the forums,, or even YOUTUBE VIDEOS... I have tried it...
    Security wipe cleans out any data apps if I had added any... and goes back to the basic system without the beginning page where I select English as the language for the ID set up
    I created a password and intentionally failed proper access codes in order to take it through the paces to wipe the blackberry clean (which I have do so on several other of my functional units...) and install a new ID... Not a viable option... on any/all 8 units. All of which are missing the BlackBerry ID in the General tab as described above.
    Disconnected the 2 screws from the ribbon cable inside to completely power down in case even the slightest trickle of power supplying function to the clock and date in the display... and disconnected the ribbon cable from the motherboard..
    When reconnecting the fully charged battery, it will not power back up, until I momentarily (at the very least ) plug in the magnetic quick charger pins that redirects the path of power in the motherboard... and the unit powers up... a practice that must be followed EVERY time the power ribbon cable is removed from the motherboard... but in all the postings and tutorials and instructions.. I have yet seen that detailed one time... this is a functional practice I have had to follow in all 20 of my playbooks... once the unit powers backup.... it displays the same 95% charged battery it had before I disconnected the ribbon cable....
    Not hard to figure out how these got in this state... seems with the update versions detailed above... initiating use before or without creating/installing a Blackberry ID has locked out the next/new update... Could have been Demos at stores not initiated/personalized... Demos seems most likely since the USB port was so abused the 4 soldered locations on the playbooks connector, which is designed to be a replaceable dry contact connector, have been dislodged so there is no dry contact connection.
    I'm not caring about that though... need to do a work around that I seem to have found on one of the postings in this site... With the wireless connection being flawless.... I need to find a way to update to any or higher. Once I get an update it will start me from scratch to install a BlackBerry ID.... seen this happen on several of the 12 I have cleaned up... Saw the MEGA link to the update to install in a cloud... It was the bomb... can somebody guide me through that... if it is a doable deal...

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    If you can't connect the PlayBook to a computer and it won't connect to update servers...I don't know what else can be done.

    The only way to update the OS is via OTA from BlackBerry or by plugging into a computer.

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