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    New BlackBerry PlayBook OS Update Coming Soon

    Looks like the BlackBerry Project Manager from Beta Zone has released some new info regarding the next upcoming PlayBook OS update. It will still be a OS 1.0 update, but it will include some much needed updates before OS 2 comes around in February of next year.

    The update will include:

    • Daylight Savings Time: updated some time zones
    • Updated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi drivers improving co-existence and connectivity
    • BlackBerry App World account payments reliability improvements
    • Improvements to VPN connection reliability
    • Addressed some scenarios where BlackBerry Desktop Software would not restore applications to the PlayBook

    What do you think the next update should include?

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    I don't know as much about the Playbook as I do other BB phones. I'm trying to find info on this forum plus elsewhere about whether or not the content I save on the Playbook can be transferred elsewhere. I heard a rumor that it cannot be? This can't be true, could it?

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