well... I gave the elastic trick a try. I left it sitting for 2 whole days. It stuck 99% of the way, its just peeling a tiny bit on the edge. Im gunna buy more screen protectors. But not the bubble free ones... those ones are alot stiffer, im guessing the purpose is to "push" out the bubbles. Im sure your trick is gunna work much better with "cheaper" flexible protectors.

its kinda funny how the cheaper screen protectors are the best. But go figure lol

Thanks again to Neolantis for your awsome tip

Quick tip for anyone reading this... those "washable and reuseable" protectors are total BS. You cant wipe off the water so you get water drop marks, and alot of dust sticks to it while drying.
Also if you look at the picture posted above of the protectors I got. They are totally NOT anti-glare or anti-fingerprint. So dont waste your money