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    Us cellular 8230f, Cannot load 5.0?!?

    no matter what i do i cannot get 5.0 to load onto this device, i have no idea why i delete the vendor file.

    im not new to this, and never had a problem loading any os, beta,leak or hybrid.

    now i even bricked the phone during the process, then i would attempt to unbrick and apploader would say it cannot find software for the phone.

    it couldnt find any software for the phone until i re added the stock os from uscellular,

    so why cant i load it??

    is the the F definition behind the 8230?? is this the reason??

    can anyone help?

    is there a way to get bbm 5.0 on here with just the thats currently on the phone?

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    Just ask!
    I am not 100% sure the 8230 had a 5.0 release/leak??

    What I do suggest though, if it does and you have the right files.. Delete the BBDM and any software you have installed on your PC. Restart your PC. Use JL_Commander or BBSAK and completely 100% wipe it. Then try to install your OS via apploader.

    I'll ask for help from higher up for you, just in case!

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    sunkast Guest
    What OS version are you trying to install? Are you just wanting BBM 5.0?

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    i was trying to load os

    it is out there everywhere as a leak for the 8230, but the us cellular pearl is the 8230f, and i read where someone had a problem with a alltell 8230f , and couldnt get this installed but anyone with a 8230 could install this np.

    anyways i could care less about the whole os 5.0

    all i really want is bbm5.0, is there anyway i can get this installed without the leaked os 5.0?? im pretty much sure i cannot get it installed.

    the device was basically wiped and ready for a os, i was unable to load the 5.0 no matter what, the only time it reconized anything was when it was the stock os from the device that was orignally loaded.

    link to .230 info for 8230

    Leaked: OS For BlackBerry 8230 Pearl Flip |
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    sunkast Guest
    Yeah if all you want is BBM 5.0, you can get it by going to BlackBerry Messenger. I certainly would not recommend such a early version of OS 5.0 for any device.

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    thanks for the help, i just hate how there is no life in the pearl flip devices

    like no OS support.

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