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    I can't delete old sms messages Pearl-8130

    Hi, I received three text messages from the same person, But I can't delete them. I tried delete prior ( it didn't help) I pulled the battery and put it back, Didn't help either. I went to saved messages and found one of them, I deleted it but after I exit the saved messages folder, it came back to it. All other messegages are ok I could delete them. But those three remain there. Help please.
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    Try going to messages, BB key, view folder, and delete from there. If that doesn't work, I would suggest clearing them thru DM.
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    ryanafa, are you running a 3rd party theme?

    If you are, check your message settings and make sure you're setup for seperate Message and SMS folders.

    Also check your Saved Messages folder, and make sure you haven't saved them as unopened.

    Thanks to my fellow team members for these suggestions, as I must admit I was personally stumped.

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