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    Quick Look at the BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9100

    With so much attention going out to the BlackBerry Bold 9650 and the 9800 Slider, I thought you guys and gals might want to get another peek at a BlackBerry device that was featured at WES 2010 as well.
    The BlackBerry Pearl 3G is stage two of the Original BlackBerry Pearl 8100. The contemporary bar form factor is packed with the latest hardware upgrades you would expect from RIM. Optical trackpad, Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) enabled and more all being driven by a 624 Mhz processor with 256 MB Flash memory.
    This video brought to us by Simon Sage at IntoMobile gives us a first impression of the device out of the box. Branded by Rodgers, Simon describes the sure type prediction technology used to compose a test email. He also talks about the general configuration of the device.

    Simon writes,
    "The size difference with the original Pearl isn’t noticeable, but that’s not a bad thing – both are still extremely slim and pocketable. The 9100 shares a lot with the Curve 8500-series, like seamless, under-the-surface side keys, and top-mounted media controls. Personally, I always liked how the volume keys doubled up for track skipping and the mute key for play/pause, but having media controls visible on the outside do a good job to sell it as a music device, an oft-overlooked feature on BlackBerry. The integrated keys might be just a bit too subtle. They aren’t as raised as on the 8500 BlackBerrys, but damn do they look good."

    Read the rest of the review from IntoMobile.

    Is this a device that might interest you to upgrade to?
    Let BlackberryOS see what your opinions are about the new Pearl 3G.

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    The video needs some lighting.

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