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    Energy Earth Hour now on Blackberry, targets billion participants

    Trying to solving climate change has taken one step further in accessibility with a Earth Hour mobile site for BlackBerry smartphone users.Earth Hour 2009 aims to reach one billion people in 1,000 cities all over the world.Article at ...


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    Just signed up. Theres always sex while all the electric is off for an hour

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    Another Global Whining bit. Rather than turn our lights off for one hour (whatever that will do), we should become more energy efficient. That means don't turn on the heat to high, or leave fans and lights on in the house. This is common knowledge. I think this global warming hype is a ploy for businesses to get rich off of peoples emotions. After all, the majority of the scientific community DOES NOT agree that man creating the warming of the earth is a fact. The best evidence shows that the earth has a warming and cooling cycle.

    I live in cold climate, so what if things heat up a bit, that would be nice. Just be grateful that we aren't living in the ice age right now!

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    Holy crap!! you are the first person ever besides myself and TV that I heard talk about the temp cycles. Most people look at me like an idiot when i say that.

    I agree with you and i do think we should all conserve where we can.
    Global warming, whether it is the way it's portrayed or not should not be the only reason to want to make a difference.

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