HOT! New BIS 2.6 features released by RIM; expect rollout soon

RIM has begun publishing the Knowledge Base articles on new features and functions of BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) version 2.6. Several new KB articles hit the BlackBerry Technical Solution Center today, detailing what we can expect from new BIS 2.6.

What and when? my sources say very soon. Check out the details, and ETA, after the jump?

Expect the roll out of BIS to come over the next 30 days? If you recall the BIS 2.5 provisioning from last July, you can will remember those ?down under? were first to see it. That?ll happen again?as in ?don?t blink this weekend, mate, G?day!?. Give it thirty days and we in North American will reap some BIS 2.6 love.
BIS 2.6 Features:

* IMAP integration of Gmail? webmail accounts. This integration protocol introduces the following benefits:

* Elimination of duplicate Gmail messages appearing as received email messages; and
* One-way synchronization of read status, sent items, and deleted items.
* GMail accounts which were integrated before BIS 2.6 will require deletion from the BIS and setting that account back up on the new BIS (which basically provides for the new service book to be pushed to your device).

* BlackBerry users will get the option to display password characters when configuring their email accounts with the BIS, making it easier, especially those using a SureType device.

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