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    Stief's Weekly Notes

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    Well guys, I missed a week but no fear, I'm bbaaacckkk! I hope you didn't miss me! But I am here to bring you everything that has happened here on BlackberryOS for the past week. We had a very eventful week for all of us, how long has it been since we seen more than 2 leaks in a week!? Can't answer that? Well I had to think myself. We saw six OS' drop this week with only two official releases. So now that you all have had a chance to play with 5.0 how has it been? I know there are application issues and other issues along with the build, but now you can say you have 5.0 for your phone! During the week were able to see specs on the 9220, 9700, AND the 9900 BlackBerry models. Seems to be only a tease for all us excited for new devices, and good teases at that. Speaking of phones, Vodafone is set to release the 8520 Curve soon, Verizons 8530 Curve to have Wi-Fi!? Now this next bit of news is exciting! Forums member "wowthatisrandom" has created a application BBSAK (BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife) for the desktop to wipe your device, not only does it wipe your device, it actually backs up your third party apps! You heard that right! It backs up third party apps for easy access to put them back on your device. I am just amazed by all the news this week! Make sure you hit the links above and below for ALL news, themes, and apps that came in this week!
    Until next time......

    Storm 9500 Leak
    Storm 9500 Leak
    Bold and 8900 Leak
    Alltel releases for Pearl
    T-Mobile UK Officially Releases for Bold
    Onyx to have leather backing?
    8520 on RIM Homepage
    Remembering Our Heroes, Support Fellow BBOS Member!

    Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderlan Theme for Storm
    AHazDesigns Theme Tutorials
    Intrigue your phone 95xx
    Free Storm Theme by P3Designs!

    VQ Carfinder
    "Sensobi" for BlackBerry
    AppWorld updated to
    REVIEW: SocialScope Beta
    TIME App Launched for BlackBerry

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