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    T-Mobile (USA) and BlackBerry's license agreement

    As you all (should) know, BlackBerry and T-Mobile have parted ways due to a licensing agreement (You can see more here: - BlackBerry Ending T-Mobile U.S. Licensing Agreement)

    I AGREE 100% with BlackBerry with ending the agreement. Why? Think about it. I've seen and read many posts (on various sites) stating that T-Mobile doesn't even carry BlackBerry devices in it's stores.

    T-Mobile CEO states that he listens to customers. Clearly not since many (MANY!) customers are asking about BlackBerry devices in T-Mobile stores, and they don't have any. Furthermore, T-Mobile reps at the stores try to persuade customers to getting another device other than BlackBerry. Okay, fine, fair enough. They probably get a nice commission from selling those plastic Samsung devices anyway. But what ticks me (and other customers) off is that if a customer is persistent about getting a BlackBerry, then offer the customer what he requesting. Don't go bashing about BlackBerry and telling your customers falsified information that BlackBerry is going to die. Who gives you the right to falsify ANY information about a company that you don't even know about??? Have T-Mobile reps even used the new BlackBerry 10 devices?

    Hold up for a second. For any T-Mobile reps that promote BlackBerry (equally) compared to iOS, Windows Phone and Android devices, I'm sure the BlackBerry community thanks you, and so do I.

    Back to where we were.

    Remember that promotion that T-Mobile was running? If not, it was when T-Mobile was offering customers an iPhone 5s for $0 down, and was targeted as a "Great offer for BlackBerry customers." What an outrage! The BlackBerry community took to Twitter and of course, T-Mobile CEO was now trying to be a "nice" guy. But we weren't fooled John! No sir! T-Mobile CEO started offering some deals for customers who purchased BlackBerry 10 devices, but in the end, it wasn't enough. Shame.

    Clearly, we can see that there is a bias against BlackBerry, and towards iOS, Windows Phone and Android devices. Do you see T-Mobile promoting BlackBerry? I don't. Go on their website. Where do you see the Q10? At the bottom. Now go to the Rogers website. All devices (iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry) are at level. Equality, is all we (BlackBerry users) are asking for!

    We know come to the recent news about the BlackBerry not renewing the license agreement with T-Mobile. Of course user's took to Twitter (as they should)! Look's like T-Mobile CEO is trying to turn the tables. WE CAN'T BE FOOLED JOHN!! WE ARE #TEAMBLACKBERRY! I'm sure you can hear this loud and clear!

    On T-Mobile CEO's Twitter account, he stated "Hey, I hear ya. You want the newest #BB devices with @TMobile. Tell @Blackberry and #Chen you’re unhappy with his decision! #BBSpeakUp." Clearly, he doesn't understand that it was his own fault. T-Mobile never stocked any devices in stores, and on top of that, T-Mobile reps continue to talk customers out of BlackBerry devices. Don't believe me? See below (with the image - thanks @tix6174). Don't think that that providing some sort of promotion is going to fix things.

    I just want to make it clear! Stock devices in your stores, properly train your employees about BlackBerry 10 devices (ensuring that they don't bash the company, nor talk your own, or new customers out of buying BlackBerry 10 devices, etc), and provide support in stores as well!

    While we are at it, I think an apology would suffice to the BlackBerry community.

    T-Mobile (USA) and BlackBerry's license agreement-capture2.jpgT-Mobile (USA) and BlackBerry's license agreement-capture.jpg

    This post is not meant to harm anyone in any sort. I apologize in advance if you feel that I have offended you.
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    Thanks for visiting and enjoy using your BlackBerry!
    Please my post if it has helped you. Much appreciated!

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    Noble move by Blackberry, similar situation happened with DirectTV and the Weather Channel in the US. Hopefully T-Mobile will receive enough pressure that they are forced to sign a new deal with BB!

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    As long as I can continue to buy unlocked blackberry's like my Passport I don't need anything from T-Mobile other than the ability to use them on T-Mobile. I buy my phones with something quite odd, it's called cash and then nobody tells me what to do and where I go.

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