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    BlackBerry CEO Questions Future Of Tablets

    Seems as though BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins is not a big fan of the tablet market. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Heins questioned the future of tablets. The CEO stated that “In five years I don’t think there’ll be a reason to have a tablet anymore,maybe a big screen in your workspace, but not a tablet as such." He also stated that "Tablets themselves are not a good business model.”

    BlackBerry entered the tablet market when it was peaking. However, even though they launched a device that was an extremely new to the company, the Blackberry PlayBook did not play very well with consumers. Since then the company has been focused on its new BlackBerry 10 platform and its new devices the BlackBerry Q10 and the BlackBerry Z10, both of which have been quite successful.

    So what does this mean for the future of new tablets coming from BlackBerry? It appears to look rather sullen, however BlackBerry did promise that its current BlackBerry PlayBook would be updated to the BlackBerry 10 OS. A recent picture has moderately confirmed that this may soon be a reality for current PlayBook owners. There were also early rumors of a 10 inch tablet that the company was working on, but some have said the company shelved the device to focus more on BlackBerry 10.

    While BlackBerry may not be leaving the tablet market completely, these recent comments confirm that the company's primary focus will be on innovation within mobile computing. Whether or not that includes tablets, will be left to market research and time.

    Tablets have become the norm, a typical slate running some version of the Android OS can be found in just about any store, and it seems as though everyone has one. This is exactly what BlackBerry does not want to do. The company does not want to be a just another "copycat" instead they want to be the leader in mobile computing and that means innovation.

    Being on the bleeding-edge of technology is extremely hard, and producing something new that hasn't really been done before is even harder. Could BlackBerry be leaning towards larger smartphones instead? Recent information suggests a 5" phablet is in the works. So what will it be for BlackBerry tablets, or phablets?

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    Thorstens Heins is an intelligent guy, and if he thinks that, we would must hear him with respect

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