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    Stief's Weekly Notes

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    Welcome back to Stief's Weekly Notes! I hope everyone here had a fun and SAFE 4th of July Weekend! Well in case you have missed some news, I am here to bring you back up to speed. If you following all the news of the BlackBerry Tour, you may have gotten excited seeing there has been more then one hands on with this device. Let me tell ya... sounds AMAZING! TELUS also had an appearance of the Tour on their website, and a few days later.. we get a review of a TELUS Tour! With all good reviews coming back to this amazing sounding device, it makes you wonder if you can go wrong with it? Now for the Storm owners, we have been waiting for a "leak" for over a month since the official release from Verizon. Well we all can be thankful to the carrier Iusacell for uploading the 9530 file instead of the 9500. I couldn't be any happier with this mistake. Also this week, we have noticed quite a few themes becoming available. Were any of you following the BB Theme Designs "Fresh" thread? If you haven't, it is quite the theme to check out as they did great job making the theme! Also, WJD Designs made a BOOM entering the community of
    making available not 3, not 6, but 12 premium themes in our forums! Amazing! Tron has also released 3 amazing themes in the forums that offer GREAT looks and functionality, yet again a must check out. This week we have seen a few apps receive updates such as WordPress and also a "Storm Specific" Shazam update. So with all the news that you have missed, make sure to hit the links below all in ONE spot to catch ya back up! Until next week.......

    Tour shows up on TELUS Website
    First Hands On with TELUS Tour
    .151 Download Available
    BGR Veizon Tour Review
    New Facebook Release!
    CNET Review of Tour
    Engadgets Hands on with BlackBerry Tour
    PerfectStorm Detailed .151 Review

    BBTheme Designs "Fresh"
    ALL Themes by WJD Designs
    Themes by Tron

    WordPress BETA Updated
    BBWeather .086 Released!
    Storm Specific Shazam
    BBFileScout Updated to 1.1

    Win a BlueAnt Q1*Extended Until Monday the 13th!*
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