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    Smart guy... He know the G1 sucks....

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    Quote Originally Posted by cslaten View Post
    I just received a tweet from Mauricio at Blackberry Rocks on this article. How funny!

    Well, well…what do we have here? It looks like Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, has been caught using a BlackBerry and not an Android or iPhone!

    What’s that say about Android? Perhaps he just doesn’t think it’s good enough yet to power his business life, or maybe he was trying out a new Google feature, or more far fetched android on a BlackBerry.

    As Silicon Alley who spotted AP photographer Nati Harnik photo pointed out: “How is Android supposed to conquer the world if Google’s boss is still a CrackBerry addict?”

    There’s no stopping the BlackBerry addiction. Not even if you’re the CEO the most powerful company on the web with your own smartphone.
    Not suprised. RIM has the capability to do so much. There holding out like Nintendo did for so long. I just hope they do not lose the race to the iphone, which in my eyes is a step above the storm (barely). The new 5.0 Hybrid has helped the cause, just wanna see the Storm 2 and see what they've done to get back on top of things.

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