More information on the elusive AT&T release date for the BlackBerry Z10, has surfaced. Earlier we told you that AT&T would be releasing the device on March 15th, while this still holds true new information has changed the scope of what is actually being released. According to new reports from Bloomberg the Z10 will hit AT&T stores on March 22nd.

So what does this mean for the March 15th date? Speculation for that date seems to point to an official announcement from AT&T regarding the availability of the Z10 and the beginning of pre-orders, according to This does make sense and still coincides with information we obtained regarding and earlier than expected release date.

While this is exciting news for customers residing on AT&T, it is an extremely important release date for BlackBerry. If the March 15th date remains valid then that would be one day after Samsung's release date for its Galaxy S4. This would not fair well for BlackBerry, consumers could become distracted by all the noise that the new Samsung device would be making. This could also mean that Samsung is playing chess with BlackBerry and trying to diminish it's U.S. based launch. According to Bloomberg the U.S accounts for one-fifth of BlackBerry's revenue.

Either way, were patiently (some of us) waiting for the U.S. release of the BlackBerry Z10. More updates to come.