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    Quote Originally Posted by DonMariano View Post
    Remember that RIM submitted three devices to the FCC last year. We've seen the Z10 and the X10, could the third device be the Aristo? We'll find out on the 30th.
    Some have speculated that maybe we'll see an updated PlayBook. If you think about it, they have reduced the price of the current PlayBook very low for the quality. Could be selling out inventory to bring in the new.

    Lot's of questions and excitement, we'll find out soon enough.

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    Updated PlayBook Unlikely

    I think it's unlikely we'll see the updated PlayBook on the 30th, it's not necessary at this time. RIM wants to cover all the bases in the mobile space, the 7" PlayBook is already out there in the hands of many users and it's hardware is still among the best despite the fact it was released in 2011. It only requires the BB10 update to surpass all the other tablets on the market in terms of power, speed and multitasking efficiency. The QWERTY X10 will maintain it's grip on the physical keyboard market and the 4.2" Z10 will battle to recapture market share from the iPhone 5. However it's the plus sized Samsung Galaxy S3 that RIM doesn't have an answer for yet, some users will not switch to a smaller form factor no matter how well the devise performs. The 4.7" Aristo will fit that bill perfectly, rounding out RIM's phone and tablet strategy to dominate the mobile computing space.

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