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    Discuss: RIM Dropped From NASDAQ-100 Index

    Just Days before the BlackBerry maker Research In Motion plans on announcing their fiscal third-quarter numbers, the company has been dropped from the NASDAQ-100 Index. Being dropped from the stock market "power rankings" validates what is already known about the mobile device makers rocky road. The index is composed of 100 of the largest non-financial institutions listed in the NASDAQ, the companies listed are based on their market capitalization, and governed by certain rules. The list is annually updated by the NASDAQ OMX in order to re-rank its index.

    The company has seen a significant increase in its stock over the past few weeks, but it's still a far cry from it was a couple of years ago. While consumer device sales have been low, the company is still continuing to improve its enterprise customer base. RIM has been spending most of their efforts promoting its new Blackberry 10 platform due out the beginning of next year.

    source: NASDAQ
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