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    Discuss: BlackBerry App World Now Supports Integrated Carrier Billing For More Than 50 Carriers

    On Monday RIM announced that it has integrated carrier billing with over 50 carriers around the world. Integrated carrier billing allows customers to purchase apps and other digital goods through their BlackBerry device and then have it charged to their monthly bill from their carrier. According to RIM carrier billing services are a positive boost for the entire mobile ecosystem to include, carriers, developers, content providers and customers.

    According to data collected by RIM more customers are inclined to purchase apps on BlackBerry World when carrier billing is offered; with an average of 75% of gross sales being purchased through the carrier.

    RIM's VP for BlackBerry App World said that the company was “delighted to announce that over 50 of our carrier partners are now offering integrated carrier billing to customers on BlackBerry App World. We remain committed to developing innovative ways to support our carrier partners, while providing a platform that benefits the whole mobile ecosystem.”

    Consolidating payment options within BlackBerry App World is another area in which RIM has greatly improved in. With carrier billing customers can purchase apps without having to keep track of various payment options. The only downside to carrier billing integration is that it is now even easier to rack up that monthly cell phone bill.
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