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    MTN Nigeria To Throttle BlackBerry Usage Speeds For Subscribers

    Some MTN Nigeria subscribers may find themselves surprised with slower data speeds. As of today, MTN is introducing new measures that will manage usage speeds for its BIS users that "regularly download and stream large amounts of content outside of MTN’s fair usage policies,". MTN says the actions are necessary because, those users are impacting MTN's network capacity.

    This is not the first time a carrier has regulated BIS traffic for their subscribers. A few months ago Vodacom implemented similar measures, by moving its BlackBerry users to a new system that would prevent users from abusing its BIS services. SA carriers are concerned about BlackBerry users abusing their fair usage policy, and are taking steps to stop it.

    Vodacom reported that one user managed to download over 332GB of data in just one month. Now that's a far cry from the average users data usage per month, but carriers like MTN and Vodacom are seeing increased data usage from BlackBerry power users and are taking steps to control it.

    Bandwidth throttling is nothing new among ISP's, but is fairly new for mobile carriers. With more carriers implementing bandwidth throttling one has to wonder if their carrier is next.

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    Thought as much, except mine is too slow to even download a song! BIS will become useless and people will just change

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    I'm fraid but I agree with Troy10, his right on his comment, many people I know have changed phones to SAMSUNG, my friends dat I had on my bbm, I lost them, its going to be a tough situation to RIM when loosing a 1000 plus users a year, it will start straining very soon, but we hoping for better.

    The content people download is free of charge not that they robbing the carriers in anyway.

    What I'm suggesting is that the carriers would have made a great decision considering upgrading their system because it obviously shows that the users of that affected carrier are growing on a large scale too, and the signal strength shouldn't fall apart because of few people abusing the net, this proves that there's a lot that needs to be done within the system its self.

    We love Blackberry smartphones and we not going to give up so easily.....

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