For the first time the Pentagon will allow Android and iPhones into their secure network. The DoD plans on hiring a contractor to build an MDM system that is able to secure over 162,500 new Android and Apple devices, in addition the system could be expanded to support up to 262,500 devices by the end of the contract.

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) released a request for a proposal detailing the DoD's need for an MDM solution that would act as a "traffic cop," to enforce policy for network end devices. The proposal also requests that the solution include Mobile Application Store (MAS) capabilities for electronic software distribution (ESD). The new MDM is expected to eventually manage all departments, including combatant commands, military services,DoD agencies and field activities, DISA, Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, National Reconnaissance Office and the National Security Agency.

While the new proposal may present a threat to the DoD's existing BlackBerry devices, RIM remains hopeful that it will maintain its government subscribers. Paul Lucier, vice president of government solutions for RIM, stated that the military left BlackBerry compatibility off its requirement list because it already has a system to manage BlackBerry devices.

Whatever solution the DoD selects its going to be expensive, and comprehensive, in addition it must be scalable. For RIM, they should be looking to push BES 10, as it would fit the needs of this new proposal.