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    Discuss: Booz Allen Hamilton Inc., To Drop BlackBerry

    Booz Allen Hamilton, a leading provider of strategy and technology consulting for US government, has decided to part ways with the BlackBerry. The firm has already started to decommission its BES infrastructure and transition out their BlackBerry devices for iPhone and Android devices. The company will begin to issue the devices to some members of its 25,000 staff.

    The move comes as significant blow to the BlackBerry maker RIM, as it struggles to keep its devices relevant in the enterprise market. Although reports of organizations dropping BlackBerry as their primary mobile device may not feel like a problem to some, the numbers do add up and present an ongoing problem for RIM. RIM has many consumers anxious about their upcoming BlackBerry 10 super-phones, however some are starting to get impatient and are making moves to other mobile platforms. The devices due out early 2013 are expected to change the mindset regarding BlackBerry devices and set new standards within the smartphone industry.
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