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    Post Fault (Blame it on the BlackBerry)

    Time and Time again, we hear about the many reasons of why BlackBerry is no longer the king of smartphones. Have you ever wondered what a BlackBerry phone would say if it could talk? What would the BlackBerry think about all the negativity it continues to get on a weekly basis. Would it talk about the reasons how it could become a king again, or would it talk about what the media has said? If the BlackBerry could talk, maybe it would say:

    Maybe its my fault.

    Maybe I lead you to believe it was easy when it wasn't. Maybe I did not seek out enough apps for you to have. Maybe my web browser is too slow and basic. Maybe I don't have enough horsepower inside. Maybe I made you think I didn't research before becoming. Maybe I focused too much on the business and too little on the consumers. Maybe I should have brought more toys to play with instead of more business features. Maybe my BBM could have become even more with some music artist's help like the Beetles. Maybe I made you think every release I made was a winner, that I was made with flash not fire. Maybe its my fault you didn't see how failure gave me strength, that my loss was my motivation.

    Maybe I failed when I was at the top, when others were fighting harder. Maybe I gave up when I thought I could not win anymore. Maybe it was my fault you never got more, and that now you lack certain features. Maybe it was because I locked the doors to innovation, and focused on perfecting what I had.

    Maybe I lead you to believe that security was a God given gift and not something I work on every single day. Maybe I thought of the consumers as an accident, and I never honored them as I should have. Maybe I should have changed sooner. Maybe I destroyed the enterprise or maybe you just haven't heard about BlackBerry 10.
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