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    Afraid Of RIM And BB10

    Several months ago I postulated that the negative position taken by the media towards RIM/BlackBerry is less about a genuine dislike for the company/brand and more about trying to protect their investments in rival stocks (Apple, Google and to a lesser extent Microsoft). The more I think about it the more sense it makes. Although iOS and Android are the dominant platforms at the moment, they are both ageing and reaching the limits of their development; there is very little innovation left to be squeezed out of them. On the other hand, BB10 is bringing a brand new OS with a fresh, exciting UI that has not only captured the imagination of the BlackBerry faithful, it's also caught the attention of the tv and movie viewing public...albeit inadvertently and unconsciously. What am I talking about?? Minority Report, The Avengers, Resident Evil, V, Hawaii 5 O, NCIS, etc...all feature advanced computers exhibiting highly intuitive, true multi-tasking functions. And what is the input method of the UI employed by the computers in those programmes? SWIPE GESTURES!! The same input method built into the PlayBook, Dev Alpha phones and the much anticipated BB10 devices! I'm sure that if I made that observation the people at Apple, Google, Microsoft and in the media did too. Perhaps they really do have a legitimate reason to be afraid, very afraid of RIM and BB10 after all.

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    Great analogy. Personally I wouldn't say that they are afraid at this point in the game. I think Apple, and Google are more curious at this point, as they are making far too much money right now to be afraid of anyone right now. It will be interesting to see how things go after the launch of BB10 sometime in Q1 of 2013.

    You make an excellent point using the movies. I agree this is an area where I believe RIM is being the most innovative . The "Flow" of BlackBerry 10 devices will set the pace for a new way of interacting with your device. RIM has finally made a device that other companies will want to replicate.

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