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    Discuss: RIM Still On Track For BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

    RIM is well on its way to giving its enterprise customers a flexible way to mange mobile devices across their organization. We already see this with BlackBerry Mobile Fusion in which Admins can manage iOS, and Android devices. The mobile device management (MDM), has skyrocketed over the past year and everyone wants in. Managing RIM's proprietary devices, are no longer the norm for enterprise organizations. Users want to bring their own devices to work and they expect to have full access to company data.

    BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 aims to address those issues and more. The idea behind BES 10 is to allow for the centralization and consolidation of existing BES architectures, while adding support for BlackBerry 10, iOS and Android tablets and smartphones. BES 10 will be the all-in-one solution for organizations challenged by mobile diversity and unified management.

    A few weeks ago RIM announced that BES 10 would be available at the launch of their new BlackBerry 10 smartphones in the first quarter of next year. Initially BES 10 will require its own server, but RIM has a planned update during BlackBerry World 2013 that will allow for it to be integrated with an existing BES infrastructure.

    RIM has been hard at work making sure that organizations are aware of its next version of enterprise software. Some internal slides have been released that confirms dates that we already know, and gives some additional information regarding the update. This along with BlackBerry 10 smartphones, is something that RIM really needs to hit home both with the consumer and enterprise markets.

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