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    Discuss: RIM Begins Prepping Carriers For BB10, Confirms Six BB10 Phones

    The light is starting to appear at the end of the tunnel for BlackBerry 10. RIM is starting to break through some of the final steps before officially launching their much anticipated BB10 super-phone. In a briefing to Wall Street Journal CEO Thorsten Heins dropped some key information on what we can expect for BB10 models.

    Heins mentioned that the company will show two "beta" versions of BB10 phones to carriers during a five week roadshow aimed to convince carriers to support the company's next generation smart-phones. Heins also stated that RIM will be turning up production on these "test" devices over the next few months in order to promptly get them into carriers hands. Heins has been aggressively evangelizing BB10 since the beginning of the year and has been personally carrying a BB10 device for quite a while now.

    We already had some idea that RIM would initially launch two BB10 phones, a full touchscreen, and a hybrid with both a physical keyboard and a touch screen. However, Heins stated that there will eventually be six BB10 devices three touchscreen and three with physical keyboards, proudly holding up the tradition of the BlackBerry physical QWERTY keyboard.

    Another tidbit of information that Heins revealed about the BB10 phones is that they will have replaceable batteries. Heins stated the decision to have replaceable batteries was based on power users who frequently drain their battery and do not want to carry their chargers around.

    Overall it seems as though carriers are ready to embrace BlackBerry 10 devices, but each one still needs to test the devices in their own way. Carrier acceptance will play a large role in the success of BlackBerry 10.

    So what will it be for you? A full touch BlackBerry 10 phone or a physical keyboard touchscreen phone?

    via: WSJ and N4BB
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    Only BOLD

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    I love the larger screens of the touchscreen phones but because of how much "work" I do on my phone and the amount of typing I do, I need the QWERTY keyboard. I'll need a BOLD. But I'd love one with an even larger screen. I like the idea of the newest BOLD with both the QWERTY and the touchscreen. I just with the screen was larger.

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    I will buy this mobile.

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