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    IBM Reportedly Mulling Over Acquisition Of RIM's Enterprise Services

    It seems like every major tech giant has put the moves on a wounded RIM. Earlier in week Samsung's name returned to the table as a possible licensing suitor for RIM's next generation BB10 platform, but the mega-company once again stated that they are not interested in RIM. RIM has been the hot topic of just about every analyst on Wall Street and in the minds of organizations looking to capitalize on RIM's financial misfortunes.

    Enter another suitor, IBM. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, the tech giant made an informal approach to acquire RIM's enterprise services unit. Whether or not this true remains to be seen, but does it even make sense?

    Now before you write this one off as yet another really good rumor, it may be worth taking another look at the feasibility of this acquisition. At this point it could be safe to say that none of these "potential" buyers are looking to acquire RIM's mobile device unit. There simply isn't enough cash flow right now to support a viable sale in that department. However, if we were to throw BB10 into the pot after it has proven itself then selling the mobile division would be profitable, but why sell then if your back on top? BB10 isn't here right now and wont be for a few more months so sale talks are here to stay until things change.

    IBM is a proven company and has been around for decades. They are a high tech company specializing in selling hardware, software and infrastructure hosting to enterprise customers. Big Blue, as some call the company is not looking to make the next BlackBerry device, but they are looking to capitalize on RIM's hardcore, super secure infrastructure. What better way to offer its clients the opportunity than to house their data on one of the worlds most secure network. Lease it out, expand it out, offer it as a hosted infrastructure, the possibilities are endless to capitalize on acquiring RIM's enterprise services unit.

    Whether there is truth to this acquisition or not, we have been hearing talks like this for well over a year now and there may never even be one. This one makes a little more sense, but the move is on RIM and their main focus is delivering BB10. We will have to keep our eye on this one.

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