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    RIM Begins Downsizing Global Workforce

    It's never a good time to deliver bad news, but RIM has begun to lay off some of its employees. Various sources have confirmed today that RIM has indeed began to communicate to employees that they are being let go. Apparently positions are being cut in different areas, including sales and manufacturing.

    In these trying times for RIM it is important for them to maintain the momentum and high morale in all sectors, and RIM is also offering severance packages. Tenille Kennedy, a RIM spokesperson confirmed that the company was reducing positions as part of its cutback program. In regards to further cuts, Kennedy added that RIM

    may continue to do so as the company methodically works through a review of the business.
    It is still unclear how many positions will be cut but we hope for the best for those having to update their resume's to seek other opportunities.
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