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    Discuss: BlackBerry Used To Enforce Traffic Violations

    When we think of BlackBerry and automobiles in North America, usually we think of the BlackBerry Traffic app, or perhaps automotive integration with the PlayBook. In India, however, law enforcement is using BlackBerry in a new way to help with their epidemic of traffic problems.

    While trying to find a parking space in any city might be a headache, in Mysore, India, it's out of control. Traffic violations of all sorts have been on the rise.

    "cases of over-speeding shot from 4,890 in 2010 to 10,204 in 2011, whereas the number of motorists driving without DLs rose to 4,220 in 2011 from 2,867 in 2010. The number of no-parking violations has shot up to 58,135 in 2011 from 38,144 in 2010"
    To help with the parking violations, officials are given a BlackBerry which connects to a portable printer via bluetooth. Since fines increase with subsequent violations, records are kept on a central server which is easily accessed by enforcement agents. Eighty types of violations and their corresponding fines are stored on the device. Mysore is the second city in the state of Karnataka to equip their police with this system.

    Personally I'd have fun with this and probably hand out 300 parking tickets a day. What do you think? Good or bad idea?

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    Potential of a BlackBerry..
    I would love to read more about it!

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    I think it's awesome. It's not about the lawbreaker, it's about all the others that are affected by the lawbreaker.

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    I can say that this is an improvement to traffic matters. Although, the real problem is the drivers themselves. There are many good reasons to drive safely, the least of which is the damage a ticket will do to your insurance rate. If you get a DUI or major moving violation, an increase is a given. However, for more minor violations, the rules are much grayer. Read more here.

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