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    Discuss: New Application Resource Monitor Added to BlackBerry 7.1

    BlackBerry users rejoice, the folks at RIM have developed a great new feature that will help conserve resources on their BlackBerry device. Future OS 7.1 releases will have a new service called Application Resource Monitor. Over the past we have seen a few vendors try to push out apps that supposedly control rogue applications, but they were never really that good.

    Conserving system resources on a mobile device is one of the most important things; after all we all want that longer battery life. Application Resource Monitor will be enabled by default on upcoming OS 7.1 versions, and will automatically shutdown applications that are running in the background draining the battery.

    The Inside BlackBerry Developer Blog let us know how this new service will work. The Application Resource Monitor will monitor applications on your BlackBerry and will look for excessive CPU utilization and high background wake ups. The ARM service will then alert the user with a message that some application utilizing more resources than it should. The ARM services will also have the ability to automatically shutdown " draining applications" In addition users can also whitelist an app so that the service will ignore it.

    The days of wasting time narrowing down that one app that's sucking the life out of your BlackBerry may be over. Developers are encouraged to make their apps resource friendly, and most do. However there are some applications that are hastily put together that are resource hogs. This is great new feature from RIM, look for it this month as carriers start pushing out new versions of OS 7.1.

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    God bless RIM. Android and iOS wish they had shit like that!

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    Yea, this will also put the pressure on devs to make sure their apps are not battery hogs.

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