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    Discuss: BBM Still Reigns Supreme Over Competition

    Instant messaging has become the norm for mobile users. It seems as though texting, instant messaging and email have almost replaced the phone call. BBM has long been the a strong point for RIM, and has proven to be popular among today's youth. Despite its popularity some question its ability to maintain its position as the instant-messaging, due to RIM's recent struggle.

    With over 55 million users worldwide BBM is clearly the preferred instant-messaging client, but that has not stopped the competition from moving in on this reach new market. Apple, Samsung, and third party vendors have all jumped on the opportunity to cater to consumers instant messaging fix. Apples iMessage has been slowly gaining popularity among its iPhone users while WhatApp Messenger has been gaining popularity across all platforms.

    So what plans does RIM have for BBM? For starters its does plan on making it a part of its next generation BB 10 platform. But what about the competition? Can we expect BBM to run on other platforms in the near future? The answer to the latter may be a solid no.

    According to the Wall Street Journal RIM had plans to license out its proprietary network before now CEO Thorsten Heins, came on board. A project formed by former Co-CEO's Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie, code-name " SMS 2.0" would open up RIM's network to other smartphone makers. SMS 2.0 would license BBM as a service to these other smartphone makers, and allow RIM to make a profit off of licensing fees and support. RIM even acquired the popular messaging company called LiveProfile. However, the project was quickly squashed when newly appointed CEO Thorsten Heins decided that the company should not go with any licensing deals.

    BBM is an important part of the BlackBerry brand, and is one of the things that separates it from other smartphones. RIM will need to concentrate on perfecting the BBM application on its BB 10 line of devices. Consumers will be expecting a BBM client that runs just as smooth as their current BlackBerry device.
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    This simply shows that a company that has unique way of making their markets happy, will definitely have a unique impact to everyone. As we all know, BBM has a very huge market across the globe which only prove that BlackBerry is absolutely on its way to the top. It is indeed a close fight however, BBM is obviously making its way to be the number one. Having said that, being part of (sort of) Team BlackBerry is something that all of us should be proud of. Way to go guys!

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