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    RIM Wants You To Trade Up That Old Berry

    RIM has been doing many things lately in regards to marketing. Their latest efforts they are intended to woo the business user to upgrade to an OS 7 device. RIM has even created a new website at Upgrade Me Now | BlackBerry 7 which is designed to help enterprise users convince their IT managers to upgrade them to the latest device.RIM's also lists some features that will help convince the users superiors that upgrading is worth it. Some of those features include:
    • The fastest BlackBerry browser to date
    • Apps that help make you more productive and keep you more connected
    • A unified inbox that consolidates all your messages and alerts in one place
    • BlackBerry Tag on NFC devices — an easy way to share contacts and photos
    • HD video recording and playback
    • Easy integration with BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet
    • The BlackBerry platform designed with security at the core

    RIM even when a step further and provided a template that users can email their IT manager that will spark the upgrade conversation. The letter is as follows: Dear IT manager,I’m ready to upgrade to a BlackBerry® 7 smartphone, with features that are designed to help boost my productivity and help me manage my day more efficiently:
    • Apps that will help make me more productive and connected, like BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing, BlackBerry® Traffic™ and BlackBerry® Travel™.
    • A unified inbox, so I can stay on top of all my emails, texts and phone calls.
    • BlackBerry Tag on NFC devices — so I can share contacts and files with my colleagues with a simple tap.
    • HD video recording and playback, so I can capture and share high res video content instantly.
    • Tight integration with the business applications on the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet, such as Docs to Go (by the way—I’d love a BlackBerry PlayBook too!).
    • The proven and reliable BlackBerry platform, designed with security at the core.

    Along with its great features, BlackBerry devices come with world-class technical support, and centralized and simplified solution management.And it looks like there’s a great promotion going on right now: For a limited time, the BlackBerry Upgrade Program offers up to $100 for every new BlackBerry 7 purchased. Contact your RIM Account Manager for details.Will you upgrade me to a BlackBerry 7 smartphone? Check them out at BlackBerry - New BlackBerry PDA Smartphones - New Cell Phones & Smart Phones - US.Thank you for your time,So now there is no excuse to upgrade that old device, RIM has already done all the work for you all you have to do is click on send. This new pitch by RIM is actually well placed, as it gives the consumer everything they need to make and educated decision about an upgrade. You can head on over to Upgrade Me Now | BlackBerry 7 for more information about upgrading your device.
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