Even more exciting news has arrived today as developers can now get their hands on the epic Cascades SDK. Amazing things can be done with this SDK especially with native UI elements. Some feature highlights for the Cascades framework are as follows:

Cascades UI and platform API's

  • Develop your UI in C++, Qt Modeling Language (QML), or both
  • Take advantage of core UI controls, or expand on them and create your own custom controls
  • Communicate over mobile and Wi-Fi networks
  • Record and play media files
  • Store and retrieve data
  • Manage certificates and use cryptographic protocols

Cascades Builder

  • Is built into the QNX Momentics IDE, and allows for developers to design their UI using a visual interface. So code changes can be viewed immediately.


  • The Cascades framework is built using the Qt application framework. This architecture allows Cascades to leverage the Qt object model, event model, and threading model. The slots and signals mechanism in Qt allows for powerful and flexible inter-object communication. The Cascades framework incorporates features of fundamental Qt classes (such as QtCore, QtNetwork, QtXml, and QtSql, and others) and builds on them.

Cascades will truly open up the doors for some amazing apps to be developed. For more information make sure you visit the Inside BlackBerry developer Blog for more information.