This is something that all BlackBerry users should be proud of. BlackBerry is still by far the most secured mobile operating system as compared to the others like iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Recent research conducted by Altimeter Group and Bloor Research on behalf of Trend Micro shows that BlackBerry is still the number one in terms of security amongst other big platforms. The analysis rates the platforms on 46 different factors in 12 different categories, and then averages all the scores together. That includes general device security, app security, code signing, authentication, device wipe ability, firewalling, and virtualization.

BlackBerry OS 7 tops the competition with an average score of 2.89 (being 5 as the highest); iOS 5 came in about 1.7, followed by Windows Phone 7.5 with a score of 1.61 and obviously the last one is the Android which scores only 1.37 (using the 2.3 Gingerbread as it is widely being used around the world).

BlackBerry has been around the longest and has always made its name to enterprise and security while the others can be called newcomers. Not only that, BlackBerry is the only device that features device firewall which adds quite a little. Apparently, analysis points out that Android and iOS both have minor issues with app security. Although iOS apps are “sandnoxed”, it only ends up that their OS is only as secured as their weakest app. However with Android, the standard of having users approve permissions for each app on install is somehow more secure, but runs into trouble by putting trust in the user to make the right decision rather than the system.

I have tried iOS and Android OS before but one thing I noticed is that they really lack security as compared with my BlackBerry OS 7 device at the moment. One good example of a very impressive security that BlackBerry smartphones can offer is the BlackBerry Protect which provides a peace of mind if in any case your device gets lost – well I hope not. Your contacts, SMS, calendar and bookmarks can be backed up wirelessly and can be done automatically or as often as you choose whether it's daily, weekly or monthly.

You can check out the source for more in-depth comparison regarding this matter and decide from there if BlackBerry is really at the top in terms of security. For me, I can say that BlackBerry IS the number one. Not to mention the upcoming BlackBerry 10 coming late this year, I am pretty much sure that they will be able to maintain being on top of the others regardless of having a completely new system.

Check the Enterprise Readiness of Consumer Mobile Platforms to see more detailed information about the analysis.