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    Discuss: RIM Hires Law Firm Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP To Work Out New Restructuring Plan

    In an attempt to revive its self, RIM has hired the law firm of Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP. According to Reuters news, RIM has hired the firm to work out a restructuring plan to help get the company out of its declining rut. RIM's stock has fallen over 75 percent over the past year and investors and consumers are having some serious concerns regarding the company's future. So what's on the road map for this new restructuring plan?

    OS Licensing

    RIM licensing their new BB 10 OS has been a hot topic of conversation ever since rumors started to circulate regarding a possible to sale to mobile giant Samsung. Even though this rumor was quickly squashed, the possibility using a BlackBerry OS on a Samsung device may not be out of the picture, and why not? Yes, to a die hard BlackBerry user the idea of seeing a BlackBerry OS on another device may be strange or even wrong but once again in the scope of things it makes sense.

    Let's face it RIM has not been known for its innovative refreshing of mobile devices. Many times users are left with the same old remix of an old device. Perfectly seen with RIM's latest release of the new Curve 9220, it may appeal to the BlackBerry fanboy but it does not appeal to the masses.

    Having a solid OS just makes sense. Why not have the worlds most secure OS running on your hardware? It is no secret that other mobile platforms are lacking in the stability and security department. Mobile handset makers should be looking at this as an opportunity to boost the value of their devices. RIM should be looking at this as an opportunity to capitalize on the licensing fees and partnerships that it would acquire.

    Infrastructure Allocation

    RIM has one of the worlds most secure infrastructure. Why not branch it out a little? We already know that CEO Thorsten Heins is looking to cater more to Enterprise customers, and rightly so. After all that is where their profit is. RIM is slowly loosing ground with its consumer base, and more companies are abandoning the BlackBerry because of it.

    RIM has a solid infrastructure. Why not lease it out allow other organizations to use it? Cater to big government and allow them to use it for more than just mobile devices. RIM needs to continue to focus on maintaining and enhancing their current infrastructure. It only makes sense to continue doing what you do well. By opening up their infrastructure and hosting services RIM could be the central hub for security.

    The Consumer

    While licensing and infrastructure allocation are great, RIM needs not to forget about its consumer base. It is more than feasible that RIM can do both. Although RIM has been proactive it its marketing efforts targeted towards consumers it has fallen short because of the devices behind it. In the United States where RIM is struggling the mos,t users are not interested in a remix of an old device they want something new and refreshing.

    This is where BB 10 comes into play. It needs to be a success, it has to be something different, it has to have the "wow" factor or its going to be quickly written off. Not only does it have to appeal to end users but it has to appeal to developers as well. There are plenty of developers that are excited to get their hands on a BB 10 device, but will they want to develop for it? Quickly getting developers familiar with the BB 10 and the tools they needs is paramount to the success of BB 10. After all the minute a user get a new device they want to see what apps it has. The more apps and features, the more likely a person is to stay with that device.

    The history or RIM's troubles are in the books. Personally I am optimistic about RIM's future, and I think the right move for them is to cater to their enterprise customers without forgetting its loyal consumers. The only problem is finding the perfect balance between the two.

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