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    Discuss OS 7.1 For Bold 9900 Available In Singapore

    So the roll-out progress of 7.1 is getting wider and wider and becomes available now for download in Singapore. As confirmed, BlackBerry Bold 9900 users in Singapore will now be able to enjoy the amazing OS 7.1 for free via BlackBerry - Updates or by simply using their BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

    There are many new features that come with the new OS 7.1 that they will surely enjoy. One of the features is BlackBerry Tag, which is a big enhancement in sharing files and contents to another BlackBerry user. This feature can only be used by NFC enabled BlackBerry devices to easily share information and data as compared to using Bluetooth. They can even add and exchange new BBM contacts, documents, photos and other multi-media files instantly using this new feature.

    As a user of BlackBerry Bold 9900, the feature I love the most is the Mobile Hotspot. Luckily, I am subscribed with a data plan which offers the mobile tethering for free. That way, I get the chance to share my unlimited internet access to my friends and colleagues. And as a matter of fact, they love me more because of that! However, you will not be able to share it to all your friends at the same time, as there is a limit of up to 5 users only who can connect to your own wifi connection.

    Another helpful addition to this OS 7.1 is the Battery Saving Mode feature which greatly provides extension to the battery life. I know for a fact that BB Bold 9900 users are facing problem in terms of their battery life as I experienced it myself when I was using the OS 7.0. Using the Battery Saving Mode, it provides an option to have their smartphone settings automatically adjusted when the battery power reaches a level pre-defined by the users. The brightness level, backlight timeout and the mobile hotpsot auto shutdown timer will automatically be adjusted to prolong the battery life and for the users to find a charging area before it drains out.

    So far, OS 7.1 is the best OS ever released by RIM. So if you are in Singapore and a BlackBerry Bold 9900 owner check out the update using the Desktop Manager or simply visit and enjoy! To other users not in Singapore, and do not have the new OS 7.1 officially released yet, don't worry as I am sure RIM is doing a lot to make the new OS available for everyone. Honestly, I am very happy for those countries that already have the new OS 7.1, as it is not yet available here in my homeland of the Philippines. But that didn't stop me, with the help of others, to get updated to OS 7.1!

    Singaporean BB Bold 9900 users download the new OS 7.1, and start updating your device now! If you run into any problems updating your OS, visit our easy how-to guide...

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