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    Monster Turbo HD Butterfly fashionable tide of people the obvious choice!

    The Monster design of the turbine HD Butterfly to carry out a principle: fashion, beautiful. For now, most young people users, wearing headphones if to wear out, so the important thing is that cant be "burden". Wearing a pair of "is very big, very heavy weight" headphones go out, usually not considered a good idea.

    The Monster turbine HD Butterfly volume is small, look from whole is also a vice can go to street of the headset. Headset unit part is not large also, oval, the hard plastic, the surface in meticulous purple grid pattern. Shell on the surface also carry threes brand LOGO and the Monster type of turbine HD Butterfly words very obvious. The Monster turbine HD Butterfly head beam part show the sound and reliable material, in order to make them more firm, the sound turbine HD Butterfly used high elastic spring steel material head beam, more than 1 mm thickness, the surface after grinding processing, feel very well. Take in hand can feel a certain component, the work is very solid.

    The inside of the headset for soft leather qualitative material, more breathable, in actual wear really feel more comfortable. And the head of the part of the beam and reasonable just right, wont let a person have clip ear or sultry and discomfort phenomenon. Because of the voice of the turbine HD Butterfly headset unit and head beam joint have certain space, so a small headset unit can be Angle rotation (about 15 °), convenient the wearer regulation.

    The Monster turbine HD Butterfly plug part and good work, and wire connection to the parcel with a rubber layer, prevent pulling for damage. The Monster turbine HD Butterfly wire part is not very thick, but more strong, believe that strength and anti-aging performance or guaranteed.
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