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    U.K. BBM Party Ends In Turmoil

    The night was going wonderfully in London, during the U.K. BBM party this evening. Unfortunately, it seems the night would not continue this way as reports have been coming in the last 20 min of a very unfortunate incident. Apparently after an altercation ensued on the dance floor, a broken bottle became a weapon as one of the attendees was allegedly stabbed in the neck.

    Police are on the scene and are currently not letting many of the guests leave the VIP area. No word on the condition of the victim or of any arrests have been made but you can be sure we'll keep this post updating as we learn more about the incident.

    As a side note, it's definitely unfortunate for RIM as it seems even a great night like this can be so easily ruined by bad people. This will also most likely cause another major PR nightmare for them in the short term, something they definitely cannot afford at this time.
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    That is absolutely ridiculous how people can do this to each other on such a public event like this.

    Why should RIM have to suffer on the back of these 2 irresponsible attendees, who decided to act like complete morons, and without any thought or consequences to either themselves, or to RIM's public image.

    Indeed, a very sad night for everyone involved.

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    So sad.. Feel bad about what happened. *sigh* Poor RIM..

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