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    BlackBerry App World Turns Three Years Old

    If you've found the time over the last few days to open up BlackBerry App World, you may have noticed that there is a new banner that announces Happy Birthday to RIM's native app storefront. On April 1, 2009 during CTIA's annual trade show, was when App World first launched.

    Over the last 36 months, we've seen App World grow from an initial 1,000 apps to now over 70,000 apps! Not only have we seen the app selection grow, but we've also seen App World become available in several new countries & even introduce carrier billing.

    I was surprise to see that RIM wasn't promoting this milestone more heavily, especially with all the positive/negative press that we've seen since the fiscal results last week.

    When asked via Twitter, Alex Kinsella, Senior Public Relations and Social Media Manager at Research In Motion said:

    Everyone's heads down on BB10 - we'll celebrate then.
    If everyone is working so hard on BB10, will we possibly see App World v4.0 with these devices?

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    Oh, Belated Happy Birthday!! Go Team BlackBerry! Keep it up!

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