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    Vodacom's Updated Terms And Conditions Threatens To Sue Users Over BlackBerry Transfers

    The pan-African mega telecommunications company Vodacom has recently updated their terms and conditions. Many time carriers will adjust their terms and conditions and hit users with some finance fee or add some legal terms to keep them from being sued. However Vodacom to its terms and conditions as step further.

    Vodacom has updated it's terms and conditions for BlackBerry usage to ensure that no users will be allowed to transfer content received when browsing on their BlackBerry. Section 3 of their BlackBerry usage policy states the following:

    3. Off-device Terms of use policyContent acquired in the manner of on-device browsing or downloading may not be transferred off the intended device for utilisation or consumption on another device. Utilisation of content acquired in this manner will be constituted as inappropriate behaviour on your part and Vodacom may at its discretion, take such steps against you as the circumstances require, including initiating legal proceedings against you. Making a backup of the content acquired on your Blackberry smartphone for the sole purpose of restoring it to the same device is allowed.
    So what does this mean? For starters it means that users on the Vodacom wont be able to transfer any content that they downloaded from their BlackBerry browser. That means if you get caught downloaded a picture or music or any other content you could be sued. Ridiculous, absurd, outrageous may be the words to describe this policy.

    The real problem here is other mobile carriers embracing these new terms. Imagine being sued over those Facebook pictures you downloaded or that video clip you wanted to share with a friend. It's said that these new terms and conditions were put in place to prevent BIS usage to download movies and TV shows that are then watched on other devices. Whatever the reason is for the updated terms and conditions it is not going over well with consumers.

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    Cant wait for my contract to come to an end with vodacons ??????????? what about people with other cellphones ? are you gonna change there terms and conditions also?

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    Let me rub my eyes ...hold on. OK Reading this again. What???

    Vodacom > 21st Century < let's go backwards

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    Wow, more absurd TOS from a carrier. I wonder if they ever read these things before they publish them?

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