If there's something pretty much all of us can agree on is how much we love our BBs. Thus, getting news about BlackBerry and the future of the company is our device is obviously very important. Well our friend ADPerdue has been doing an awesome job of reporting some great news in his weekly QuickBerry Podcast. He shot us an email a couple of days ago letting us know about a great giveaway he's hosting and since we love giveaways just as much as anyone, we figured we'd let you guys in on the secret.

What's QuickBerry all about?

QuickBerry, in essence, compiles a ton of BlackBerry news from all over for its listeners while mixing in some great music from www.TheFuMP.com at the end of every show. I'm personally a fan and think you guys should be too. Onto the contest...

QuickBerry Podcast 500: Win a brand new unlocked AT&T branded BlackBerry Bold 9900.

The QuickBerry Podcast 500 giveaway will gift one listener a new unlocked ATT BlackBerry Bold 9900, when QuickBerry reaches 500 unique listeners for two consecutive shows. To enter, listeners must have a Twitter account, and make at least one tweet including the hashtag #QuickBerry500. QuickBerry will announce the winner on the show following the second consecutive show with 500 unique listeners. The winner will then have 72 hours, from when the show is posted, to email QuickBerry with their twitter handle and mailing info. This giveaway is open worldwide. Entrants are encouraged to share the show with new listeners, the faster QuickBerry gets to 500 unique listeners, the sooner the giveaway will take place.
There you have it! Head on over to QuickBerryPodcast.com and support this great podcast and you may very well be the new owner of BlackBerry Bold 9900!