This is possibly one of the coolest things I have seen in a very long time and the best part about it is it's a BlackBerry exclusive. The above video is about a new app that The Astonishing Tribe has decided to show off at Mobile World Congress 2012 today. This app, which currently has no name, enables multiple PlayBooks to, in essence, be aware of each others locations when they are nearby and share files between them. A perfect idea for businesses, large and small alike. In this example, we can see how two PlayBook interact with one another and how even five of them can integrate together in a way.

The document sharing app enables its users to share by dragging and dropping files or simply "power swiping" them to an external display (like a projection screen; etc). The UI is gorgeous and the simplicity of this makes any BlackBerry user just so excited to know it's coming.

Moreover, we know that BlackBerry 10 will be heavily influenced by TAT UI design and when are shown what it is possible, one can only imagine what they aren't showing us. Simply amazing. Check out another video below.