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    Join BlackBerryOS for the live BlackBerry DevCon Europe General Session Keynote at 4:30am EST

    With DevCon Europe set to kick off tomorrow, February 7th, the BlackBerry community is buzzing with what we could be coming in the next few days. First up, is the keynote given by new RIM CEO Thorsten Heins which is set for 10:30am CET/4:30am EST. We will be live blogging starting at 4am EST to keep you guys in the loop with any breaking news. RIM has also set up a live webcast which will start at 4:30am EST. It's definitely early but if you're up make sure you join us and let us know your thoughts on the keynote.

    4:15am EST -
    Only 15 minutes away from the beginning of the event.

    4:25am EST - Tweets using the official DevCon hashtag, #BBDevCon, are now being displayed on the main stage screen.

    4:38am EST - New RIM CEO Thorsten Heins is now on stage.

    4:40am EST - First DevCon in Europe. Also, biggest DevCon in RIM history.

    4:42am EST - 75 million active BlackBerry users. Over 180 million BlackBerrys sold.

    4:44am EST - Everyone is getting a free PlayBook at the event.

    4:45am EST - 13% of BlackBerry developers make $100,000+. 2 Billion BlackBerry Downloads.

    4:46am EST - BlackBerry 10 focuses on seamless experience between devices, cloud, and other interfaces.

    4:50am EST - The Road to BlackBerry 10 started with acquiring great companies along the road.

    4:51am EST - This starts with PlayBook OS 2.0.

    4:52am EST - Demoing PlayBook OS 2.0's Messages, Calendar and Contacts app.

    4:54am EST - Seamless integration between multiple networks in real-time within one app.

    4:56am EST - Showing BlackBerry Bridge 2.0 and the full Remote capabilities of it on the touchscreen and keyboard of a BlackBerry smartphone.

    5:00am EST - The smartphone market is still young. 65% of world market still on feature phones.

    5:01am EST - "We are ready to compete." - Thorsten Heins

    5:03am EST - Alec Saunders steps to the stage.

    5:06am EST - Talking about the BlackBerry Jam Program.

    5:10am EST - The BlackBerry Jam Zone site is looking really good. Lots of resources for developers.

    5:16am EST - Bellshare and Shape Services are App World Top Achievers app development companies in Europe.

    5:19am EST - 4 out of the top 10 games in App World are PlayBook games.

    5:22am EST - Five in a Row Demo.

    5:30am EST - Alec Saunders now talking App World 3.1.

    5:31am EST
    - 60,000 apps in App World.

    5:32am EST - Discussing myths about apps and BlackBerry users. 174 million downloads per month.

    5:37am EST - "You build an application for PlayBook today, it will be compatible on BlackBerry 10."
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